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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 7 Hansard (21 June) . . Page.. 2412..

MR SPEAKER: Gentlemen, I remind you that a number of you have been named and the naming still applies to the adjournment debate, which means you could be out for three hours next time.

MR HUMPHRIES: That is right. Mr Speaker, when I hear Mr Berry talk about the wonderful things that the Williamsdale quarry represents, I recall nothing more vividly than what he had to say about the VITAB deal. He said that it was money for jam. He said, "It is a sure-fire bet, no problems. We are in clover as a result of this wonderful deal with the offshore betting organisation based in Vanuatu." Mr Speaker, the citizens of this territory are still paying today for the $6 million it cost to mop up after VITAB. If I want business advice, there are lots of places I will turn for it, but one place I will not turn for it is with Mr Berry.

Mr Jeff House

MR QUINLAN (10.13): I wish to advise the Assembly that tomorrow will be the last working day in this Assembly of Jeff House, who has worked with me since the last election campaign and, at the same time, completed a degree. I think most of you who have met him will agree that he is a very personable young man who has carried himself very well right round this place, no matter whom he has been talking to. He is a very astute young man. He has shown himself to be a genuine leader. He has been a force in Young Labor and before that he was captain of his college. He is a student of politics. I make the prediction now that we will all hear of him again at some time.

Mr Pat Torpy-Retirement

Mr Stephen Forshaw

Mr Jeff House

MR STEFANIAK (Minister for Education and Attorney-General) (10.14): Mr Speaker, I join you and Mr Hird in wishing Pat Torpy all the best in his retirement. I knew Pat when I was with the courts. He is a real character. He has provided a lot of assistance to me and everyone else in the Assembly. Indeed, he is a great face to have on the front desk. I have always appreciated his great humour and his helpfulness. It is a bit of a shock and a shame to see him retire, but I am sure that he is going to have a hell of a lot of fun brewing his home brew, doing his fishing and just enjoying life. Thanks, Pat, for all the help you have given me and everyone else. All the best for your retirement. Harold, I must disagree with you. I think Stephen Forshaw has lost weight. I would also like to wish Jeff House all the best, too, now that I know he is leaving.

Mr Pat Torpy-Retirement

MRS BURKE (10.15): At the risk of prolonging proceedings, I would like to say a big thank you to Pat Torpy, who has been so very kind to me. Although you are a Ford fan, Pat, I will forgive you for that: the golden Holden reigns.

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