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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 3 Hansard (8 March) . . Page.. 873..

Leave not granted.

Mr Corbell: I move that so much of the standing and temporary orders be suspended as would prevent me moving a motion of dissent in your ruling to name Mr Kaine.

MR SPEAKER: The question is that the motion be agreed to.

Mr Corbell: Mr Speaker, I am very happy to move this motion. Thank you for putting the question.

Mr Moore: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I have moved a motion under standing order 203. There is no room for Mr Corbell to be able to do this. You know quite well, Mr Speaker, what standing order 203 says. I have moved that Mr Kaine be suspended from the service of the Assembly, and we must proceed directly to a vote on that motion.

Mr Corbell: On the point of order, Mr Speaker: you have put the question to the Assembly that so much of standing and temporary orders be suspended.

MR SPEAKER: I put the question that the motion be agreed to.

Mr Corbell: The question before the chair is the question you just put, which is the motion I moved.

Mr Rugendyke: On the point of order, Mr Speaker: I clearly heard, when Mr Moore moved his motion under standing order 203, you put that motion.

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, can I raise a point of order which may assist. At any point in debate a member can rise in this place to seek leave to do certain things. That has always been the practice. Leave was requested by Mr Corbell, and refused. Subsequently, Mr Corbell moved a motion to suspend so much of the standing orders, which is always received by the chair. You received the motion and put it. The motion to suspend standing orders needs to be debated.

MR SPEAKER: Standing order 203 quite simply states:

The Speaker shall forthwith put the question, on motion being moved, no amendment, adjournment or debate being allowed, "That such Member be suspended from the service of the Assembly".

Mr Berry: Can I challenge you on that? At any point a member can move to suspend standing orders.

MR SPEAKER: You will do nothing of the sort. You will sit down. During this week there has been nothing but a stream of objections from the opposition when ministers were trying to answer questions.

Mr Wood: That is half the problem.

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