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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 2 Hansard (27 February) . . Page.. 337..

MR BERRY (continuing):

Mr Speaker, it also comes in the wake of the government declaring that it was going to cost $2 million to aircondition all of these portables. On the basis of the government's claim that there were 90 such portables, for each of these units to go into each of these portables it would cost $22,000. It also comes in the wake of the easy calculation that, in the case of Gordon, for example, the cost of providing airconditioning would be more than the school's annual budget to deal with these sorts of issues.

MR SPEAKER: This is a pretty long preamble.

Mr Humphries: Is there a question here, Mr Speaker?

Mr Moore: And 117 (h), Mr Speaker.

MR BERRY: If they want to raise points of order, they might consider raising a point of order about the lengthy and drawn-out answers they give and apply to us the same time limits they apply to themselves and are prepared to give to themselves. Let us do away with the hypocrisy.

This minister has failed to convince the community that the government ought not be responsible for the sort of infrastructure that provides safety for our schools. Why is it, minister, that you accept the responsibility of providing heating in government schools-or perhaps you are thinking of ditching that heating infrastructure in our schools? Will the minister entertain this Assembly with an explanation of why he won't accept the responsibility for cooling but he will accept the responsibility for heating?

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, I think the answer is fairly simple. The schools actually do pay the heating bills. The rest of the question which Mr Berry asked, I think, has been covered in my answer to Mr Hird.

Mr Moore: 117 (h).

MR STEFANIAK: 117 (h) on that one.

Mr Humphries: I ask that all further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Project Saul

Broadband services


Mr Humphries presented the following papers:

Project Saul-Answer to question without notice asked of Mr Humphries by Mr Rugendyke and taken on notice on 15 February 2001.

Telstra's pricing regime for supply of broadband services via ADSL technology-Answer to question without notice asked of Mr Humphries by Mr Stanhope (Leader of the Opposition) and taken on notice on 15 February 2001.

ACTEW's investment in TransACT-Answer to question without notice asked of Mr Humphries by Mr Osborne and taken on notice on 14 February 2001.

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