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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders -

Gugan Gulwan youth centre, 332q
Health, 2590
Appropriation Bill 2001-2002, prin, 1470; detail, (Chief Minister's Department), 2080, (Health, Housing and Community Care), 2104
Arts and letters - Canberra National Multicultural Festival, 930q, 981, 1029q
Gorman House, 3765q
Multicultural festival, 2408
Budget, debate, 1470
Canberra Day, celebration, 2920qn
Censorship, legislation, 3102
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2001, prin, 2838
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2001 (No 2), prin, 1419
Cityscape, employment contracts, 3316qn
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Bill 2001, prin, 3102
Courts and tribunals, guardianship, 3102
Crime, cyberstalking, 3126
Crimes Amendment Bill 2001, prin, 3126; detail, 3215
Development, Civic Square, water bubbler, 3318qn
Disabled persons - Funding, 1171q
Inquiry, 2037q
Salaries, 3038q, 3156q
Services, 135q, 1731q, 1867q, 2579q
Drugs of Dependence Amendment Bill 2001, prin, 2008
Education - North Ainslie autism unit, 396q, 491q
Schools - Air conditioning, 401
School ground trees, 482q
Students - Autism spectrum disorder, 2940qn, 2976qn
Disability therapy, 2941qn
Young people, 2436
Employment and unemployment, unpaid work statistics, 2534, 2543
Environment and conservation, neighbourhood amenity, 1210
Finance, 2001-2002 draft budget, 223
Financial Management Amendment Bill 2001 (No 2), prin, 2187
Food Bill 2001, prin, 3073
Government, Smyth, Mr B., motion of censure, 1060
Guardianship and Management of Property Amt Bill 2001, prin, 3102
Health - Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 2590
Autism, 2940qn, 2976qn
Cancer, 1350q
Health, Housing and Community Care portfolio, committees, 2947qn
Hospitals - Canberra Hospital, elective surgery, 940q
Nurses, 3586
Nursing homes, 3620q, 3780q
Visiting medical officers, 2676q, 3048q
Housing - Accommodation assistance, 245q
Advisory Committee, 2178q
Assistance measures, 442, 456, 460
Burnie Court, 1300q
Community review, 2330q
COOOL houses, 1613q
KLA study, 942q
Macpherson Court, 1553qn
Older persons units, 2977qn
Properties, 1554qn, 3312qn
Rent increases, 2614
Rent review process, 3269q
Report, 770q
Sales, 2992qn
Statistics, 1168q, 1171q
Supported accommodation assistance, 399q
Vacant properties, 2473q, 2582q
Inquiries Amendment Bill 2000, prin, 1719
Land - Commonwealth properties, sale, 45q
Valuations, 548qn
Legislative Assembly - Committees - 2001-2002 Budget, 1184
Education, Community Services and Recreation, 2436
Health, Housing and Community Care, 1197
Health and Community Care, 11, 2590, 2999
Inquiries, 1719
Language, 'mendacious', 2177
Points of order, 451
Questions on notice, delays, 2479
Speaker, vote of confidence, 918
Speech time limits, 1214
Standing orders, 901
Valedictory, 3883
Motor vehicles, fog lights, 2921qn
Poultry, farming systems, 3073
Roads - Athllon Drive transit lane, 3223
Woden parking meters, 601q, 1031q
Senior citizens, aged abuse, 2999
TransACT, government briefings, 3363q
Wages and salaries, disabled persons, 3038q, 3156q
Women, support, 813
Youth - Education outcomes, 2436
Gugan Gulwan Aboriginal youth centre, 332q

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