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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2000 Week 12 Hansard (7 December) . . Page.. 3941..

MR STEFANIAK (continuing):

I suppose I am a conservative. I have not always agreed with you about certain things. I have certainly agreed on things like the brothels and the X - rated videos. But in terms of things like shooting galleries and the interesting discussions we have occasionally had on law and order - you are a self - confessed wuss - we certainly have disagreed. You certainly have strong views on many things. You have great diversity and the fact that you can be, in many ways I suppose, an economic dry and a social wet has helped immensely in terms of your persona in Canberra and what you have actually achieved.

First and foremost, and I think to the very end, you are a leader. You have always shown excellent leadership. There is an old test in the Australian Army which serves us very well. Anyone aspiring to any leadership position in the Army is taught that a leader has to be fair, firm and friendly. These are the three main prerequisites. Kate, you are all those things. A leader has to show vision. You have shown vision in spades for Canberra and as a result of that vision you have made a true mark on this city. Few people can actually say they really do make a difference and leave a place better than they find it. I think you can truthfully say, and be proud, that you have.

A leader listens, and you do listen. You might not always agree with what people tell you. You very much have your own ideas but you have always been prepared to listen. I think you have always shown the ability to take advice. You might have certain positions but you are prepared to change. If people put a good enough argument to you, you had the flexibility and the breadth of intelligence to see a good point and adopt it. I think that, again, is the true mark of a great leader. You have shown flexibility, and that is also essential in a leader - it is something that you have shown consistently in the 51/2 years you have led us.

I think it has been a tragedy that you have gone perhaps in such a manor. You yourself have always said that you have I suppose a use by date and that politics was not always going to be your career forever. Thank you for all that you have done for the territory. It has been a pleasure serving with you. We have not always agreed on a number of things but I have always been very proud and happy to serve with you. You have done much for the territory. Thank you for what you have done for our party and thank you for what you have done for this Assembly and the general community of Canberra and indeed the region. I personally give you my very best wishes for the future.

Might I finally take the opportunity to thank my personal staff, my departmental staff, my government colleagues, my Assembly colleagues and the Assembly staff for all their efforts, and wish you all a merry Christmas.

Ms Kate Carnell


MR HIRD (11.00): Mr Speaker, I first met Kate Carnell through another pharmacist and a dear friend of mine. I think at the time Kate was working as a locum at a pharmacy in Dickson. I remember Bob Bugden saying to me, "You want to keep your eye on this lass. She's going to go a long way." Little did I know that some six or eight years later I would be working side by side with her.

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