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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2000 Week 12 Hansard (5 December) . . Page.. 3637..

MR HUMPHRIES (continuing):

Legal Aid Commission. I am advised that the Commonwealth deals directly with the Legal Aid Commission in relation to issues which arise as to the funding of individual matters and that, where the cost of a case might have an adverse impact on the commission, the commission takes it up directly with the Commonwealth, not via the ACT.

Similarly, I was asked whether ACT legal aid funds had been transferred to fund Commonwealth matters. The answer is that there is a statutory bar now in the Legal Aid Act 1977 to the transfer of funds from the Commonwealth to the ACT and vice versa. Although matters can, as I suggested last week, be shared by the one recipient of aid, they cannot transfer matters from the ACT side of the equation to the Commonwealth side or vice versa.

Relocation of Streetlight

MR SMYTH: Mr Kaine asked me last week whether there was a policy or guideline relating to the siting and replacement of streetlights by Actew/AGL, what was the reason for moving a particular streetlight in Quiros Street, Red Hill, and what was the cost. Mr Speaker, there is a policy and guideline that does relate to the siting or replacement of streetlights, and it is determined then by DUS. There are associated guidelines and policy and design standards and they are drawn from NCDC Drawings No 1971/82: Public and utility services - Alignments and reservations and the Australia - New Zealand standard for road lighting, ASNZS 1158, 1997 and 1999, as applicable. The standard alignment for streetlight columns is 1.7 metres behind the curb line or as directed by the verge width, taking into account public and utility services.

The replacement of streetlights is determined by factors such as age deterioration, issues relating to public safety, technological advances and light spillage nuisance. In regard to the streetlight located in Quiros Street, Red Hill, the light referred to is situation in the verge in front of No 13. The existing 3.5 - metre high metal streetlight replaces the original light fitting which was attached to the adjacent power pole at the height of 6.5 metres. The change came about as a result of a complaint from the residents of No 13 regarding light spilling into their front room from the streetlight. Neighbours were consulted. Their agreement was obtained prior to relocating the streetlight. The estimated cost of the work was $3,650.

Education - IQ Tests for Enrolment

MR STEFANIAK: On 30 November, Mr Rugendyke asked me a question regarding the practice of using IQ assessments for enrolment purposes in ACT non - government schools and I advised him that I would get back to him. Many non - government schools in the ACT utilise aptitude testing for a range of purposes, including the streaming - of - students - in - a - year level or assessing student needs at either a group or an individual level.

A number of non - government high schools conduct aptitude testing for students entering year 7. These tests are held in the latter half of the year and all students in year 6 considering enrolment in such a school in year 7 undertake the testing regardless of whether they are currently enrolled in year 6 at the school or are attending a different school. These assessments may be useful in identifying the suitability of an education

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