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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2000 Week 6 Hansard (24 May) . . Page.. 1759..

ACT Brumbies

MR HIRD (10.27): We have to talk about two things. Mr Corbell may well leave the chamber but, as I understand it, this side of the house is a minority government, so it needs other people. I know that on numerous occasions the opposition has brought on MPIs during government business. Mr Corbell should read and understand standing orders, and the procedures and practices of this place, and then he can come in and lecture like a tutor or a teacher.

What I wish to comment on is the Brumbies, who are playing this Saturday. There was some concern that the Australian Rugby Choir were not going to perform in the main arena. The Brumbies have now capitulated, and will allow the choir to perform.

Mr Speaker, I would also like to inform you-I know that you are interested in this-that the Brumbies flag flies on State Circle in the city.

I also want to thank the management of the Brumbies for honouring their undertakings, and for saying that the Bruce Stadium facility is one of the best, not only in Australia, but the world, for this type of sport. They had the opportunity of going into the metropolitan area of Sydney, which would have given them another $500,000, but they turned it down so that they could perform this Saturday at Bruce Stadium.

Those opposite, who are not here to listen to this, have always pointed the finger at the government, but they never look back to see what they did when they were in office. They have short memories. Anyway, go the Brumbies, and I urge everyone to be there next Saturday. If you can't be there on Saturday, watch it on Foxtel.

Private Members Business

MR SMYTH (Minister for Urban Services) (10.29): The absolute gall of Mr Corbell in saying that this government are arrogant, and that we refuse to accept majority rulings of the Assembly, is just astounding. How contrary is he? We are a minority government. A majority of members passed the adjournment last Wednesday on private members day, and shut the Assembly. The government, with seven members, cannot do that.

Mr Corbell can't have it both ways. He says that we are arrogant because we should accept the will of the Assembly but, when it doesn't go his way, he says that everybody else got it wrong. Mr Corbell is contrary. It really is sad that he would prop up here tonight and say these things, because last Wednesday, on private members day, the majority of the Assembly-not the government-shut down the Assembly. We can't do it on our own; we are in a minority.

He talks about the arrogance of the government and what it does. What about the arrogance-or perhaps it was the laziness-of the opposition that yesterday saw, for instance, three of the government bills being shut down? How is the government to achieve its agenda when the opposition, particularly the Labor Party, never seems to be ready. I don't know whether that's arrogance or whether that's laziness; that is something

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