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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 13 Hansard (4 December) . . Page.. 4571..

MR SPEAKER: I said that the word "precious" comes easily to mind in this entire chamber at the moment, Mr Whitecross.

Mr Whitecross: Well, thank you, Mr Speaker. I think in the context it was directed purely at Mr Corbell and you should withdraw.

MR OSBORNE: Mr Speaker, to clarify whom I was speaking about, when I said "sook" I was talking about Mr Whitecross. On the issue of when Mr Moore was speaking - - -

Mr Moore: Is Mr Corbell precious?

MR SPEAKER: Order! Just continue, Mr Osborne. Let us get this sorted out.

MR OSBORNE: I do not know. I think they are all precious, sweet little things over there, Mr Moore.

I need to clarify a couple of points that Mr Moore spoke about during his speech before. He may have misrepresented my view, but he has apologised. I would like to clarify it for the record, Mr Speaker. Mr Moore said that I said that the only view that counts is the majority view. I did not say that. He then went on to say that my only view was what my constituents wanted. I did not say that either, Mr Speaker. What I did say on the issue of the Fairbairn raceway was that the bottom line is that we are elected to represent our constituents and, when pushed to make a choice, their needs should come first. That was on the issue of the Fairbairn raceway. I thought I should clarify that for Mr Moore's benefit.

Sitting suspended from 12.41 to 2.30 pm


Political Advertising

MR WHITECROSS: Mr Speaker, my question without notice is to the Attorney-General. Mr Humphries, yesterday you told this Assembly that you had, in October, signed an electoral regulation relating to government-funded political advertising in the six months prior to an election and that you had tabled it earlier this week. Later on, you apologised for misleading the Assembly and admitted that that was not the case. Then, late last night, you came back into the Assembly and told the Assembly that the regulation had been signed on 28 November or gazetted on 28 November. You said:

... these regulations were gazetted last Friday, and I table them now.

Minister, the regulation you actually tabled was unsigned and undated. When did you sign the regulation? Will you table a copy of the signed regulation? Will you also explain what you intend to do about the advertising supplement, which has clearly breached this regulation?

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