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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 13 Hansard (4 December) . . Page.. 4564..

Report on Person Referred to in Assembly - W.J. Curnow - Statement by Member

MR WHITECROSS: Mr Speaker, I seek leave to make a statement in response to the comments by Mr Curnow that have been adopted.

Leave granted.

Mr Moore: Why did you not do it in the debate?

MR SPEAKER: Yes, I thank you for your interjection, Mr Moore. I am a little surprised it was not done during the debate.

MR WHITECROSS: Mr Speaker, I canvassed both options with you in private and at the time you did not express an opinion one way or the other. I assumed that either option was open to me.

MR SPEAKER: You have received the permission of the Assembly.

MR WHITECROSS: Thank you, Mr Speaker; but you editorialised from the chair, so I am responding to your editorial comment.

Mr Humphries: Sensitive!

MR WHITECROSS: No; if Mr Speaker wants to debate the forms of the house, I am happy to do it, Mr Humphries.

MR SPEAKER: I do not know whether this is under standing order 46 or not, but you have been given leave of the Assembly, Mr Whitecross. Proceed.

Mr Moore: No. You refuse the right to Mr Curnow. You do not have it, no.

MR SPEAKER: So leave is refused.

MR WHITECROSS: We debated whether the majority of the Assembly should decide that it should be incorporated in Hansard. Now that it has been incorporated, I wish to respond to it. If it had not been incorporated, I would not have responded to it.

Mr Osborne: Yes, let him speak.


MR SPEAKER: Is leave granted?

Leave granted.

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