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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 11 Hansard (6 November) . . Page.. 3825..




Australian Optical Fibre Research Ltd

Mr Corbell asked the Minister for Business and Employment:

In relation to the report requested from Australian Optical Fibre Research (AOFR) by the ACT Government -

(1) AOFR was reported to have laid off some staff and sent equipment to the headquarters of ADC in Minneapolis:

(a) how many staff were made redundant;

(b) how much equipment, in dollar value, was shipped to Minneapolis;

(c) was any money, given to the company by your government, used to purchase the equipment shipped to Minneapolis and

(i) if so, how much of ACT taxpayers' money was used to buy this equipment.

(d) were any of the staff, made redundant at the time, being subsidised in any way with ACT taxpayers' money, in the form Payroll Tax exemptions and, if so, how many staff were made redundant.

(2) Did the BASAT Report find, in any way, that AOFR had broken their contractual agreement with the ACT Government.

(a) If so, in what fashion had they broken this agreement.

(b) Were there any penalties outlined in the contract with regards to a breach of contract, and if so

(i) what were the penalties; and

(ii) have they been applied.

(c) Were these breaches of contract pursued by the government and if so how.

(3) Did the report by BASAT into AOFR regarding the Job lay offs and equipment shift suggest any form of disciplinary action, if so

(a) what forms of disciplinary action were suggested by the report; and

(b) were any of these disciplinary actions taken up by the Government, and if so when.

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