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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 8 Hansard (28 August) . . Page.. 2665..

National Opera Festival

MRS LITTLEWOOD (5.48): Mr Speaker, I want to mention the National Opera Festival which took place in the last month. I want to congratulate Mr Colin Slater for having the vision and for the work that went on behind that festival. From all reports I have received, a number of functions were booked out, and the people did come to Canberra for the festival. I believe we do owe a debt to Mr Slater for what he put into it, and I would like to personally add my thanks for his efforts. I look forward to seeing the festival again.

One Nation Party

MR BERRY (Leader of the Opposition) (5.49): Mr Speaker, I want to refer to something that was raised in the course of question time by Mr Humphries in relation to the One Nation party. He referred to some comments that were made by Bob McMullan, the member for Canberra, in relation to the One Nation party in an address to the house on the south side of the lake. Mr Humphries was critical of Mr McMullan for saying that the Liberals should put the One Nation party last. Mr Speaker, I think that statement was developed for local consumption in the Federal Parliament, and that is what the Federal Liberals should do. They should agree to put the One Nation party last instead of vacillating about the issue. I suspect that they think that if they say nothing they might be able to pick up a few valuable racist votes rather than make the decision and say, "Put the One Nation party last".

So far as the local Liberals are concerned, I will throw down the gauntlet. I will say to everybody in the ACT, "Do not even mention them". I do not want to see a number in a box for the One Nation party in the ACT.

Mr Moore: Yes, we have a different system.

MR BERRY: Indeed. I would challenge the Liberals to say the same thing: Do not even mention the One Nation party. But do not ridicule Bob McMullan for putting forward a proposal to the Liberals in the Federal Parliament which was obviously put together for consumption there. His intentions are the same as mine. We do not want to see one of them elected. They are bad for Australia.

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