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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 7 Hansard (25 June) . . Page.. 2084..

Mrs Carnell: Excuse me; you did. You said, "The second question is, `Will you table it?' ", and I answered it.

MR BERRY: There were two answers required of my main question. This is the supplementary question. You gave - - -

Mrs Carnell: That is not the second question; it is the supplementary question.

MR BERRY: You gave no answers at all to the first question. Is it not the case that what you are really doing is employing Fay Richwhite and Associates to give you advice on how to asset strip ACTEW before you sell it?

MR SPEAKER: That has been answered.

MRS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, that is not in the terms of reference that those opposite have. Mr Speaker, the terms of reference are in the answer to question No. 2. We actually have outlined the terms of reference totally. There is no term of reference about asset stripping or selling. There is no commission to Fay Richwhite on the sale because it is not in their terms of reference, as those opposite would know if they had read the answer to question No. 2.

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

MR OSBORNE: My question is to Mr Humphries as the Minister for the Arts. This is my fifth question on the arts, Minister. I might remind you of that.

Mr Humphries: Five. Well! Is that spelt y-a-r-t-z?

MR OSBORNE: They tell me it is spelt a-r-t-s. Since your public statement a few months ago that the Tuggeranong Arts Centre would not get one more cent from you, now that you have had time to reconsider the Arts Centre's position, have you changed your mind and agreed to some of the items on their shopping list?

MR HUMPHRIES: Did I say they would not get one more cent?

Mr Osborne: Yes, you did.

MR HUMPHRIES: Obviously, Mr Speaker, in my advanced age - I am nearly 40 now - I must be getting soft. Yes, you will be that one day too, Ms Horodny. It will not be a pretty sight, I can tell you - not that it is a pretty sight for me either. Mr Speaker, I can advise the Assembly that, yes, I have had a meeting with the Tuggeranong Community Arts Association and I have agreed to find - I am not sure where it has been found - an additional $16,000 to provide for flooring as requested by the Community Arts Centre.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Berry, just towards the end of your question, there was a remark made about the Chief Minister misleading, which you have not withdrawn.

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