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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 WEEK 5 CONTENTS (13-15 May)

Tuesday, 13 May 1997

Petition: Sale of land - Chisholm
Appropriation Bill 1997-98
References to public servants and senior officials (Statement by Speaker)

Questions without notice:

Commercial property auction - Chisholm
Housing - people with disabilities
New private hospital
Textbooks - shortages
New private hospital
New private hospital
Public Service - executive salaries
Transport Reform Advisory Group
New private hospital
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
Former School Without Walls premises
Public Service - executive salaries
New private hospital
Subordinate legislation
Education management (Matter of public importance)
Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee
Minister for Education and Training (Motion of censure)
Debits Tax Bill 1997
Rates and Land Rent (Relief) (Amendment) Bill 1997
Health Promotion (Amendment) Bill 1997
Private members business - precedence
Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Bill 1997


Legislative Assembly - eighth anniversary
Sister city relationships
Sister city relationships

Wednesday, 14 May 1997

Standing order 28
Trading Hours (Repeal) Bill 1997
Schools Authority (Amendment) Bill 1996
Education (Amendment) Bill 1996

Questions without notice:

Federal budget
Commercial property auctions
Federal budget
Liquor trading hours
Education - recurrent grants
Trees on public land
Housing funding
Animal welfare legislation
Canberra Cosmos
After-school care
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
Emergency housing
Personal explanations
Questions without notice: Education - recurrent grants
Social Policy - standing committee
Federal budget 1997-98 (Ministerial statement)
Totalcare waste treatment facility - Mitchell
Hospital waiting lists - adjusted figures


Consultation protocols : Acton Peninsula
Retail outlet - closure
O'Connor and Bruce Ridge areas
Community consultation
Consultation protocols : Acton Peninsula : Retail outlet - closure : O'Connor and Bruce Ridge areas

Thursday, 15 May 1997

Public Health Bill 1997
Environment Protection Bill 1997
Environment Protection (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1997
Commissioner for the Environment (Amendment) Bill 1997
Residential Tenancies Bill 1997
Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 1997
Juries (Amendment) Bill 1997
Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) (Amendment) Bill 1997
Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1997
Vocational Education and Training (Amendment) Bill 1997
Economic Development and Tourism - standing committee
Petrol Pricing - select committee
New Private Hospital - select committee
Planning and Environment - standing committee
Executive business - precedence
Debits Tax Bill 1997
Firearms (Amendment) Bill 1997
Gaming Machine (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1997

Questions without notice:

Cheese packaging plant
Regional cooperation
Tobacco consumption
Children with disabilities - funding
Cheese packaging plant
Rural housing
Noise control laws
ACTTAB - Kaleen agency
Motor sports
Ambulance Service
Rental assistance
Transport Reform Advisory Group
Motor sports
Personal explanations
Offensive words and personal reflections (Statement by Speaker)
Answers to questions on notice
Public Sector Management Act - contracts
Hospital waiting lists
Land (Planning and Environment) Act - variation to the Territory Plan (Ministerial statement)
Commissioner for the Environment
Patient activity data
Subordinate legislation
Totalcare incinerator report (Ministerial statement)
Liquor hours trial evaluation
Regulatory reform (Ministerial statement)
Debits Tax Bill 1997
Establishment of a New Private Hospital - select committee
Smoke-Free Areas (Enclosed Public Places) (Amendment) Bill 1997
Bail (Amendment) Bill 1997
Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1997
Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 1997
Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill 1997
Adjournment: Children with disabilities - funding : International Family Day

Answers to questions:

Illegal drug use (Question No. 392)
Court transcript costs (Question No. 396)
Business incentive scheme (Question No. 401)
Business incentive scheme (Question No. 402)
Business incentive scheme (Question No. 403)
Industry assistance program (Question No. 404)
Industry assistance program (Question No. 405)
Industry assistance program (Question No. 406)
Boomerang Cafe (Question No. 412)
Kick Start housing assistance program (Question No. 421)

Appendix 1: Environment Protection (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1997
Appendix 2: Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 1997
Appendix 3: Juries (Amendment) Bill 1997

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