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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1997 Week 5 Hansard (15 May) . . Page.. 1496..

MR HUMPHRIES: For new racetracks, yes, Mr Speaker, there is a lower noise limit. This is not a new racetrack. It has been there for more than 20 years. Therefore, I would argue that it should be treated as a racetrack as if it were in New South Wales.

Mr Moore: What about any new tracks within the complex?

MR SPEAKER: Mr Moore, you will be able to ask a supplementary question.

MR MOORE: Thank you for the invitation, Mr Speaker. I will ask a supplementary question. I know that will take you by surprise, Mr Speaker, but I will this time.

MR SPEAKER: And it saves you interjecting, does it not, and getting yourself warned?

MR MOORE: Indeed, Mr Speaker. Interjecting is a very risky business at the moment, is it not? This very matter, Mr Humphries, was the subject of a report by the Commissioner for the Environment more than a year ago. If my memory serves me, it was around two years ago. Why have you ignored the recommendations of the Commissioner for the Environment? In fact, why have you not tabled a response to his report?

MR HUMPHRIES: Mr Speaker, Mr Moore should know that the response to the report is on the program for today. He is going to see it in about half an hour.

Mr Moore: Ah, lucky!

MR HUMPHRIES: You would know that if you had studied the program for today. Obviously, you have been too busy doing other things. Mr Speaker, as I have indicated already, a choice had to be made between the maintenance of motor sport and the acceptance of the commissioner's recommendations. The Government has decided to accept that motor sport in the ACT is an important sport and should be allowed to continue to provide recreation to many people in the ACT and, no doubt, also provide a source of recreation for others in the region who come here to enjoy this sport.

Mr Moore: Mr Speaker, under standing order 46, I would like to make a very brief statement. The daily program today, Mr Speaker, simply says, "Papers and Subordinate Legislation - Mr Humphries (Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning and Manager of Government Business)". It does not say what is going to be tabled.

Mr Humphries: It is the draft program I am referring to; the one you saw.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. Point taken.

ACTTAB - Kaleen Agency

MS McRAE: Mr Speaker, my question is to Mr Kaine in his capacity as Minister for Urban Services. Minister, can you explain why ACTTAB has chosen not to renew its agreement with the Kaleen agency?

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