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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1996 Week 8 Hansard (26 June) . . Page.. 2218..

Mrs Carnell: It is page 3. It is a covering sheet, a letter and the next one; that is, three pages.

MR BERRY: Well, Dr Hughes's letter is No. 1. The statistics are No. 3. There is one missing from in between. I suspect that the cover sheet would go before Dr Hughes's letter. There may be others after it. Who knows? We will be better informed, Mrs Carnell, if you give us all of the information and do not allow us the luxury of sharing your concerns apparently about misleading the Assembly.

Leader of the Opposition

MRS CARNELL (Chief Minister) (6.11): Mr Speaker, I bring an issue of absolutely grave concern to this place this afternoon. As patron of the Raiders, it is an issue of real disloyalty. It is the sort of thing that in the past I expect people would have been hung, drawn and quartered for. It has to do with Mr Whitecross's tips in the tipping competition last weekend. Mr Whitecross took the absolutely disloyal approach of not tipping the Raiders and, in fact, suggested in print that Parramatta would actually beat the Raiders. I am sure that this Assembly will join with me in suggesting that the disloyalty shown by the Leader of the Opposition is unacceptable, even if he happened to be right. No other tipster in Canberra would have for one moment been so disloyal as to suggest that the Raiders would lose to a team such as Parramatta, even if he happened to be right.

Leader of the Opposition

MR WOOD (6.12): I must respond to that. I recall the occasion when the Chief Minister - correct me if I am wrong; if my memory is wrong - was photographed in a Broncos jersey. I do not know whether we should treat what Mrs Carnell said light-heartedly. Nevertheless, there was an element of bite in what she was saying. Let me also say that what this demonstrated last weekend was that Mr Whitecross's judgment is a great deal better than Mrs Carnell's judgment.

Mr Berry: And more honest.

MR WOOD: And, as Mr Berry said, more honest. Well, he said what he thought, and not what was immediately seen to be popular. I think that is the mark of a statesman. Thank you, Mr Whitecross.

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