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1996 Subject Index (Edu)

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Australian International Hotel School, 924q, 1759qn, 3930, 4270, 4302, 4340
Australian National University, Stromlo Exploratory Building, 1351q
Budget supplementation, 2503qn, 2841qn
Canberra Institute of Technology -
Consultants, financial systems, 3580qn
Council, 3930, 4274
Deputy Director position, 3238qn
English language courses, 1904q
Medical advice contract, 3236qn
Teaching costs and effectiveness, 172
Colleges -
Auditor-General's report, Government response, 5119
Chaplains, 2696q, 2707q
Copland, 804q, 3878q
Costs and levies, 4974qn
Courses, 1153qn
Evening colleges, 42q, 596qn, 1127qn, 2794q
Expenses, 1417qn
Maintenance, 584qn, 585qn
Phillip, 2786q, 3875q, 4695q
Stirling, 804q, 2786q, 3875q, 4695q
Teachers, 634q, 934q
Terms and assessment arrangements, 4610q
English as a second language, 4999qn
Environmental education, strategy, 230qn
Funding, recurrent, 2842qn
Language programs, 5094qn
Literacy and numeracy courses, 1677q, 1915q, 2029qn
P and C associations, 595qn, 1087q, 1211q, 1491q
Preschools -
Griffith, 268qn
Monash, 4313q
North Ainslie, 3298q
School boards, 1363q
Schools -
Anti-racism policy, 5091qn
Canteens, firefighting equipment, 4391q, 4621q
Capacity and enrolment statistics, 272qn, 1459qn, 1682q, 2462qn, 5002qn
Corporal punishment, 2703q, 4350, 4353
Expenses, 1417qn
Fire prevention policy, 5001qn
Funding, 1092q, 2501qn, 2505qn
Government schools, 291, 635q, 2463qn
High schools -
Charnwood, 590qn, 632q, 1085q, 2302q
Disabled persons, 33q, 46q
Enrolments, 1682q
Gungahlin, 4150qn
Melba, 591qn, 592qn, 593qn
Interstate users, 1802q
Maintenance, 584qn, 585qn, 4975qn
Management, 1671q, 1678q, 3842, 3862, 3920
New, 4772
Non-government schools, enrolments, 2462qn
Occupational health and safety audits, 582qn, 583qn
Primary schools -
Arawang, 4316q
Hughes, 90
Principal selection panels, 2021qn
Review, 713q
Sales, 2611q, 2692q
School Without Walls, 2088q, 2296q, 3048q, 3051q, 3055q, 3058q, 3137, 4591, 4696q, 4772, 4773
Secondary, enrolments, 1682q
Site sizes, 5082qn
Sport policy, 4972qn
Violence, 1283q, 1661, 2623, 3117
Voluntary parent contribution scheme, 454, 840, 1042, 1059, 1845, 2000q
Special education services, 1438qn
Student outcome data, min st, 1695; 2585
Students -
Disabled -
College students, 1442qn
Dependants of public servants, 1441qn
High school, 33q, 46q
Integration program, 4693q
Outside school hours programs, 1434qn, 1440qn
Part-time students, 1435qn
Planning, 1437qn
Reviews, 594qn
Special schools, 1433qn
Statistics, 1443qn
Summer programs, 1436qn
Industrial action, 635q
Overseas, 3982
Personal hygiene, 3157q
Teachers -
Colleges, 634q, 934q
Enterprise bargaining, 190q, 917q
Industrial dispute, 1919, 2161q, 2164q, 2168q, 2169q
Stop-work meetings, 1080q
University of Canberra, 909
Vocational education and training programs, 4960qn

Chief Executive position, 3241qn

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