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1996 Subject Index (De-Ea)

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Black Hawk helicopter tragedy, 1779

Ainslie and O'Connor, 3931
Application processes, reform, min st, 3173, 3249
Belconnen Soccer Club, min st, 4476
Bruce, 3137
Campbell, 2949q
Change of use rights, charge, 3373q
Charnwood High School site, 2302q, 3886q
Civic -

Garema Court, 2997
Section 52, 1536q, 2447qn
Deakin, "The Grange", 3507qn
Dickson, lease variation application, 3519qn
Federation Square, 3963q
Gungahlin [See GUNGAHLIN]
Joint ventures, 5112
Kingston -
Bowling club site, 2907qn
Foreshore [See LAND]
Section 25, 3141
Lakes and foreshores, 3334, 3350, 3393
Lyons, 2843qn
Manuka car park, min st, 3910; 4381q, 4726
National capital, growth, 4389q, 4520
Phillip Vehicle Testing Station site, 874qn
Strategic plan, 4602q, 4609q, 4621, 4689q, 5102qn
Town centres, expansion, 1530q, 1538q, 1574
Turner -
Housing, 1004q, 1006q, 1094q
Office building, 631q, 708q, 934q
Woden Plaza, 1530q, 1538q, 1574
Woden Plaza car park, 4317q, 4321
Yarralumla Brickworks site, 4464q
[See also LAND]

Dell report, 843qn
Health management, 3174
Industrial relations consultant, 4561qn
Infection control procedures, 2605q, 2785q
John Knight Hostel residents, 4562qn
Protective equipment, purchases, 2701q, 3053q
Staff, 3921, 4612q
Support packages, 3058q

Health, 3174
International Day, 4343
McDonald's Family Restaurant, Civic, access ramp, 2566, 2654
Paralympians, 3063q, 3071, 3216, 3221
Swimming program, 3079; pers expl, 3084; 4808q, 4820q
[See also CHILDREN, Disabled]

Trapping, 1814q
Wild dog control, ground baiting, 3149q

Detoxification facility, 1675q
Education program, 4812q
Harm minimisation strategy, 2727
Heroin pilot task force, 348

Appeal costs, 4152qn

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