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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, reconciliation, 3819
Alcohol, hours of sale, 678, 692
Appropriation Bill (No. 2) 1995-96, prin, 1552
Appropriation Bill 1996-97, detail, (Business, the Arts, Sport and Tourism) 4105, (ACT Housing) 4121, (Education and Training) 4131
Auditor-General, reports, 4709
Building and construction, training fund, 3281
Business -

Dillybag Cafe, 3884q
Trading hours, 2377, 2402
Canberra Institute of Technology (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 3930, 4274
Children's Services (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 3425, 3668, 3825
Children -
Abuse and neglect, 1024, 3146q
Disabled -
Outside school hours programs, 579qn
Placements, 580qn
School holiday programs, 2300q
Statistics, 573qn, 581qn
Summer programs, 574qn, 575qn, 576qn, 577qn
Support services, 578qn
Foster care program, 597qn, 1137qn
Official Visitor, 1841
Services, 639, 4391q
Consumer protection, legislation, 693
Crime -
Break-ins and thefts, 1759qn
Child abuse, 1024, 2781q, 3146q
Defence, Black Hawk helicopter tragedy, 1779
Development -
Ainslie and O'Connor, 3944
Belconnen Soccer Club, 4484
Charnwood High School site, 2303q, 3889q
Lakes and foreshores, 3357
Disability services, Dell report, 843qn
Disabled persons -
Children [See Children, disabled]
Paralympians, 3064q, 3074
Swimming program, pers expl, 3084; 4808q, 4820q
Education -
Australian International Hotel School, 924q, 1759qn, 3930, 4270, 4342
Budget supplementation, 2503qn, 2841qn
Canberra Institute of Technology, 172, 1904q, 3238qn, 3930, 4274
Colleges -
Auditor-General's report, 5119
Chaplains, 2696q, 2707q
Copland, 804q, 3878q
Costs and levies, 4974qn
Courses, 1153qn
Evening colleges, 42q, 596qn, 1127qn, 2794q
Expenses, 1417qn
Maintenance, 584qn, 585qn
Phillip, 2786q, 3875q, 4695q
Stirling, 804q, 2786q, 3875q, 4695q
Teachers, 634q, 934q
Terms and assessment arrangements, 4610q
Disabled persons [See Students, disabled]
English as a second language, 4999qn
Funding, recurrent, 2842qn
Language programs, 5094qn
Literacy and numeracy courses, 1677q, 1915q, 2029qn
P and C associations, 595qn, 1088q, 1211q, 1491q
Preschools -
Griffith, 269qn
Monash, 4313q
North Ainslie, 3298q
School boards, 1363q
Schools -
Anti-racism policy, 5091qn
Canteens, firefighting equipment, 4391q, 4621q
Capacity and enrolment statistics, 272qn, 1459qn, 1683q, 2462qn, 5002qn
High schools -
Charnwood, 590qn, 632q, 1086q
Gungahlin, 4150qn
Melba, 591qn, 592qn, 593qn
Management, 3844, 3850
Primary schools, Arawang, 4316q
Expenses, 1417qn
Fire prevention policy, 5001qn
Funding, 1092q, 2501qn, 2505qn
Government schools, 308, 635q, 2463qn
Maintenance, 584qn, 585qn, 4975qn
Management, 1672q, 1678q
New, 4772
Non-government schools, enrolments, 2462qn
Occupational health and safety audits, 582qn, 583qn
Principal selection panels, 2021qn
Review, 714q
Sales, 2611q, 2692q
School Without Walls, 2088q, 2296q, 3048q, 3051q, 3056q, 3058q, 4696q, 4773
Site sizes, 5082qn
Sport policy, 4972qn
Violence, 2623, 3127
Voluntary parent contribution scheme, 840, 883, 1042, 1064, 1845, 2001q
Special education services, 1438qn
Student outcome data, min st, 1695; 2592
Students -
Disabled -
College students, 1442qn
Dependants of public servants, 1441qn
High schools, 33q, 46q
Industrial action, 636q
Integration program, 4693q
Outside school hours programs, 1434qn, 1440qn
Part-time students, 1435qn
Planning, 1437qn
Reviews, 594qn
Special schools, 1433qn
Statistics, 1443qn
Summer programs, 1436qn
Personal hygiene, 3158q
Teachers -
Colleges, 634q, 934q
Enterprise bargaining, 190q
Industrial dispute, 1923, 2161q, 2164q, 2168q, 2170q
University of Canberra, 911
Vocational education and training programs, 4960qn
Electricity and Water Authority -
Charges, 3733q
Rebates, 4698q
Euthanasia, legislation, 3415
Fair Trading (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 693
Fairbairn Park -
Lease, 875qn
Management, 876qn
Speedway track, 3505qn
Users, 877qn
Finance -
Government expenditure, 1552
Purchase agreements, 3323
Firearms -
Gun control, 1398
Paintball, 1103
Government, Carnell -
Carnell, Mrs K., motion of censure, 50, 779
De Domenico, Mr T., motion of censure, 50
Health -
Asbestos, 803q
Student hygiene, 3158q
Hospitals, visiting medical officers, 779
Hotel School Bill 1996, prin, 3930, 4270, 4342
Housing -
Ainslie Village, 1683q
Commonwealth budget cuts, 2597q
Community programs, 1687q, 1749
Home purchase assistance scheme, 3294q
Kick Start program, 3381q, 3385q, 4697q
Reforms, 4809q
Residential approvals, 3500
Housing and Family Services portfolio, management changes, 865qn, 866qn, 867qn
Housing Assistance (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 1640, 1800
Housing Trust -
Braddon purchases, 1454qn
Dispute costs, 1413qn
Evictions, 588qn, 1820q
Loans, 798q
Notice of tenancy offers, 587qn
Privatisation, 622q
Properties -
Asbestos removal, 803q
Government ownership, 2981
Maintenance, 2305q, 3153q, 4466q
Purchases, 3529qn
Sales, 2598q, 2670, 3044q, 3148q, 4141qn
Statistics, 571qn, 598qn, 1129qn
Rents, 4689q
Tenants, 2691q, 2708q
Vacancies, 2880qn
Waiting list, 586qn, 2697q
Welfare housing, 3297q
Human rights, anti-racism policy, 5091qn
Immigration -
Multiculturalism, 3819
Refugee Week, 2116
Industrial relations -
Enterprise bargaining, teachers, 190q
Long service leave, 3281
Reforms, 1313
Teachers dispute, 1923, 2161q, 2164q, 2168q, 2170q
Intergovernmental relations, housing agreement, 1800
Legislative Assembly -
Committees -
Administration and Procedure, 161
Planning and Environment, 3944
Public Accounts, 172, 840, 883, 1042, 1064, 2097, 4709, 5119
Reports, Government responses, 840, 883
Social Policy, 2623, 3127
Legislation, republication, 3348
Members, Follett, Ms R., resignation, 4939
Order in the Assembly, 158
Papers, 2175, 3496, 4321, 4824
Points of order, 1294, 2094, 3163
Questions on notice, 46q, 88q, 120q, 1222q
Subordinate legislation, 1103
Liquor (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 678; detail, 692
Long Service Leave (Building and Construction Industry) (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1996, prin, 3281
Police force, comments by magistrate, 4939
Political parties, Labor Party, 4347
Prisons and prisoners, Quamby Youth Centre, 4619q
Social welfare -
Disabled persons, carers, 4689q
Northside Community Service, 3325
Volunteers Day, 4520
Woden Community Service, 3884q
Sport and recreation -
Academy of Sport, Olympic representatives, 2083q
Achievements, 3500
Aquatics inquiry, 3869q, 3977q, 4276q, 4304q
Brownlow Medal, 3325
Canberra Raiders, 841
Civic swimming pool, 3240qn, 4388q
Funding, 4461q
Futsal, 3870q, 4809q
Motor Sport -
Council, 1414qn, 1415qn
Fairbairn Park, 875qn, 876qn, 877qn, 3505qn
Paintball, 1103
Paralympics, 3064q, 3074
Schools, policy, 4972qn
Sportsfields, watering and fees, 3735q, 3974q, 4393q
Swimming, disabled persons, pers expl, 3084; 4808q, 4820q
Swimming pools and leisure centres, 4826
Strikes and stoppages, student activities, 636q
Trading Hours Bill 1996, m, 2377; prin, 2402
Transport, ACTION, services, Kippax, 3030
University of Canberra (Transfer) Bill 1995, prin, 911
Weapons (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1996, prin, 1398
Youth -
Binge drinking, 678, 692
Centres -
Quamby, 4619q
Tuggeranong and Erindale, 712q
Entertainment facilities, 4617q
Kaleen Youth Shelter, 2459qn
Services, 2613q

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