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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, reconciliation, 3817
Appropriation Bill 1996-97, detail, (Health and Community Care) 4097, (ACT Housing) 4116, (ACTION) 4126, (Education and Training) 4134,
Business -

Dillybag Cafe, 3883q
Trading hours, 2084q, 2396
Children -
Abuse and neglect, 1021
Child and Adolescent Unit, 1614q
Disabled, school holiday programs, 2299q
Official Visitor, 1839
Children's Services (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 3824
Crime -
Child abuse, 1021
Domestic violence, 2135
Crimes (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 2135
Development -
Ainslie and O'Connor, 3946
Lyons, 2843qn
Disabled persons -
Children, school holiday programs, 2299q
Health management, 3177
International Day, 4343
Education -
School boards, 1363q
Schools -
Primary schools, Arawang, 4316q
School Without Walls, 3055q, 4593, 4772
Violence, 1665
Teachers, industrial dispute, 2169q
Electricity and Water Authority, charges, 3733q
Employment and unemployment -
Public sector job cuts, 1005q
Youth, 923q
Finance, government expenditure, 1518
Government, Carnell -
Carnell, Mrs K., want of confidence motion, 3713
Ministry, 710q
Health -
Disabled persons, 3177
Mental health, 3713
Hospitals -
Bed numbers, 1527q
Visiting medical officers, 797q
Housing -
Community programs, 1687q, 1749q
Kick Start program, 3385q, 4697q
Reforms, 4809q
Housing Assistance (Amendment) Bill 1996, prin, 1791
Housing Trust -
Properties -
Government ownership, 2977
Maintenance, 3153q, 4466q
Purchases, 3529qn
Sales, 2665, 2688, 4141qn
Vacancies, 2880qn
Waiting list, 2697q
Immigration, multiculturalism, 3817
Intergovernmental relations, housing agreement, 1791
Land, Acton-Kingston swap, 1207q
Legislative Assembly -
Committees -
Additional Estimates 1995-96, 1518
Estimates 1996-97, (report on Appropriation Bill 1996-97) 3792
Planning and Environment, 3946
Social Policy, 1665, 4593
Members -
Follett, Ms R., resignation, 4940
Reilly, Ms M., inaugural speech, 965
Prisons and prisoners, Quamby Youth Centre, 4619q
Public Service, job cuts, 1005q
Social welfare -
Community organisations, 633q, 1286q
Sign interpreter service, funding, 1822q
Woden Community Service, 3883q
Sport and recreation, Civic swimming pool, 4387q
Totalcare Industries Ltd, buses, 2942q, 3971q
Trading Hours Bill 1996, prin, 2396
Women, Rape Crisis Centre, 2782q
Youth -
Centres, Quamby, 4619q
Services, 2613q
Unemployment, 923q

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