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1995 Subject Index (He-Ki)

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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 3096
Assets, 1561q, 1671q
Australian Health Ministers meeting, min st, 1245
Booz Allen and Hamilton consultancy, 1484q, 1493, 1507; pers expl, 2807
Canberra Clinical School, 827q
Community health centres -

Bulk-billing, 1434q
Generally, 2029, 3054
Kippax, 1729, 1835, 1972, 2055, 2061, 2603, 2605, 2875q, 3042q
Melba, 1729, 1835
Redundancy and superannuation costs, 2737q, 2802q
Salaried medical practitioners, 1190, 1444, 2737q, 2802q, 2887q
Facilities, Brindabella electorate, 321q
Grants, management, 394
Health Promotion Fund, 1347q
Homebirth program, 1874q, 1935q
Interferon, 1936q
Medical evacuation and rescue helicopter, 46q, 390q, 1344q
Medical treatment directions, 1155qn
Mental health, 773qn; min st, 1943; 2106q, 2195q; pers expl, 2384; 2649q; pers expl, 2655; 2783
National Heart Week, min st, 395
Occupational health and safety, 1691, 2196q, 2279q, 2356q, 2800q, 3051q
Policy, 2707
Postnatal nursing care, 2023q
Promotion, 1347q, 1597, 2037
Psychiatric patients, 2272q
Reforms, New Zealand model, 1866q
Rehabilitation, min st, 646
Renal dialysis unit, 785qn
School dental service, 3131qn, 3132qn
Services -
Consultancy, 545q; pers expl, 561; 633q, 718q
Development and reform, min st, 327
Job losses, 625q
Maternity, 730
Policy, 2623, 2666; pers expl, 2669; 2707, 2743, 2958
Watson Hostel, 646, 1430q
Smoking, 598
Women, 1355q


Consultants, 1158qn, 3040q, 3106qn


May Day, 102


Beds, 1486q
Home hospital arrangements, min st, 467
Jindalee Nursing Home, 1190, 2806q
Visiting medical officers, 39q, 41q, 43q, 47q, 48q, 384q, 724q, 2797q, 3039q
Waiting lists, 40q, 51q, 1224q, 2727q, 3045q, 3142qn
Woden Valley Hospital -

Chief Executive, 1934q
Needle stick injury, 385q
Neonatal intensive care unit, 455q
Nursing staff, 2973q
Operating theatre nurses, 1227q, 1868q
Radiology services, 2797q, 3039q


Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 3096
Energy rating scheme, 1294qn
Homeless youth, 2205q
Mobile homes, 745, 1256
Objectives, min st, 265; 444
St Andrew's Village, 1762
Strategy, min st, 2030
Termite control measures, 1174qn
Watson Hostel, 646, 1430q


Consultants, 1279qn, 3128qn


Complaints, 2980q
Dividend payments, 1632q, 1672q
Dual occupancies, 1712q
Environmental policies and guidelines, 2885q
Evictions, 1678qn, 2157qn
Home ownership, 1427q
Maintenance, 1563q, 1672
Properties -

Inspections, 758qn, 1907qn
Statistics, 1304qn
Rent and mortgage payments, 2653q, 2739q
Services, 2278q, 2360q
Tenants -
Evictions, 1302qn
Financial hardship criteria, 1908qn


Bill of Rights, 108
Discrimination, 597, 987, 1801q, 2276q, 2344q, 2345q
Discrimination Commissioner, 3103qn
Racism in sport, 1091q
Sexual harassment, 510, 543q


Consultants, 2199q, 2202q, 2287q, 2564q, 2972q
Disputes, Government Service, 1086q
Enterprise bargaining, 1557q, 1721q, 2130, 2643q, 2722q, 2803q, 2804q, 2878q
Long service leave levy, 389q
Policy, 2907
Sex Industry Consultative Group, 721q


Consultants, 3116qn


Health Ministers meeting, min st, 1245
Planning and Heritage Ministers Council, min st, 471
Premiers Conference, Australian Loan Council and Council of Australian Governments, min st, 156, 419
Transport Ministers meeting, min st, 335


China, 1547
Community Aid Abroad, 346, 3047q
France -

Nuclear tests, 1543, 2125, 3051, 3170
Twin city relationships, 789, 824q, 837q, 998q, 1097
International Volunteer Day, 2684
Japan, 2887, 2935, 2936
Nigeria, 2696


Foreshore development, 147q, 149q; pers expl, 238; 240

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