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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 1634q
Appropriation Bill 1995-96, detail, (Business, the Arts, Sport and Tourism) 2445, (Housing Bureau) 2503, (Education and Training) 2514, 2533, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2535
Australia Remembers, war commemorations, 499
Autism Association, funding, 2979q
Belconnen, swimming facility, 386q
Boxing Control (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 3008, 3160
Bruce Stadium, non-smoking area, 784qn
Building and construction, materials, taxes, 638q
Children -

Abuse and neglect, 152q, 981, 1734
Children's and Youth Services Bureau, 162, 1590
Disabled, summer programs, 2641q, 2722q, 2726q, 2801q, 2883q
Courts and tribunals, sentencing, 1189
Daly, Hon. F., AO, death, 1185
Education -
Aboriginal support services, 1634q
Adults, 138q, 3003
Birrigai Outdoor Education Centre -
Fees, 2877q
Positions and services, 2962
Programs, 2876q
Curriculum profiles, 51q
English as a second language programs, 3143qn
Evening colleges, 1715q, 2647q, 3003
Expenditure, 2982q, 3046q
Funding, 1637q
Griffith preschool, 2205q, 2206q, 2285q, 2347q, 2348q
Literacy and numeracy, 2654q
Schools -
Bullying, 464q
Charnwood High School, 1806q, 1926q, 1980, 2884q
Closures, 2108q
Curricula support, 1804q, 1870q, 1879q
Entertainment videos, 1351q, 1569q, 1679q
Flynn Primary School, 552q
Government schools, min st, 401
Maintenance costs, 2355q
Management, 2733q
Safe schools task force, 1093q
Sport and physical education programs, 754qn, 1223q, 1331, 1904qn, 1905qn, 1906qn, 1909qn, 2650q, 2732q, 2886q
Staffing supplementation, 2111q
Telopea Park High School, 998q
Secondary colleges, class sizes, 2730q, 2737q
Special, 312q, 760qn, 1810q, 2736q
Students -
Assessment, 1219q, 1220q, 1222q, 1342q, 1348q, 1350q, 1351q, 1353q, 1356q, 1388q, 1420q, 1422q, 1427q, 1429q, 1431q, 1673q
Bus travel subsidies, 2977q
Disabled, 831q, 2101q
Teachers -
Positions, 2645q, 2647q, 2653q, 2738q
Qualifications, 1904qn, 1909qn
University of Canberra, 3008
Vocational training, 1605, 1607
Education (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 1322
Education and Training portfolio -
Consultants, 1276qn, 2831qn, 3127qn
Equal employment opportunity officer, 728q
Lunch at The Boathouse restaurant, 3141qn
Environment and conservation -
Air pollution, fuel reduction burns, 361
Asbestos, 2205q, 2206q, 2285q, 2347q, 2348q
Noise pollution, 134, 370, 3133qn
South Pacific nuclear tests, 802, 998q
Euthanasia, legislation, 2293
Finance -
Budget, education, 1637q
Community services grants program, 1299qn
Government, Carnell -
De Domenico, Mr T., sexual harassment allegations, 518
Ministry -
Staff travel, 1630q
Travel, 1433q
Priorities and autumn legislation program, 301
Stefaniak, Mr B., travel, 771qn
Housing -
Objectives, min st, 265; 450
Strategy, min st, 2030
Housing and Family Services portfolio, consultants, 1279qn, 3128qn
Housing Trust -
Complaints, 2980q
Dual occupancies, 1712q
Environmental policies and guidelines, 2885q
Evictions, 1678qn, 2157qn
Home ownership, 1427q
Maintenance, 1563q, 1672
Properties -
Inspections, 758qn, 1907qn
Statistics, 1304qn
Rent and mortgage payments, 2653q, 2739q
Services, 2278q, 2360q
Tenants -
Evictions, 1302qn
Financial hardship criteria, 1908qn
Human rights -
Discrimination, 1801q, 2276q, 2345q
Racism in sport, 1091q
International affairs, France, twin city relationships, 802, 998q
Legislative Assembly -
Committees -
Public Accounts, 1672
Social Policy, 1846
Points of order, 1357
Prayer, 702
Master Builders Association, group apprenticeship scheme, 236q
Medical Treatment (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 2293
Police force, restructuring, 1886
Sport and recreation -
Academy of Sport, 1566q
Betting, 558q
Boxing, 3008, 3160
Development, 2879q
Football teams, 1595
Funding, 1566q
Government support, min st, 576; 1830
Loans, 756qn
McKellar sporting complex, 1454
Motor sport, 134, 370, 3133qn
Olympic sports bid, 2274q
Ovals, scarab grub infestation, 456q
Racism, 1091q
Schools, 754qn, 1223q, 1331, 2650q, 2732q, 2886q
Sports loan interest subsidy scheme, 1286qn
Swimming pools -
Belconnen facility, 386q
Fees, 1725q, 1726q
Management, 460q
Sport and Recreation portfolio, consultants, 1281qn
Taxation, building materials, 638q
Transport, student bus travel subsidies, 2977q
University of Canberra (Transfer) Bill 1995, prin, 3008
Vocational Education and Training Bill 1995, prin, 1605, prin, 1898
Vocational Education and Training (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1995, prin, 1607
Youth -
Children's and Youth Services Bureau, 162, 1590
Kaleen shelter, 1717q, 1719q, 1722q, 1846
Streetlink, 1228q

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