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HIRD, MR H.:  

Acton Peninsula, demolitions, 229q
Animals, battery hens, welfare, 1928q
Arts and letters -

Australian National Eisteddfod Society, funding, 1000q
Cultural and Heritage Centre, 1491q
Aviation, medical evacuation and rescue helicopter, 46q, 1344q
Building and construction, long service leave levy, 389q
Business -
Investment incentives, 1713q
Service stations, 2103q
Compensation, workers compensation, 670, 1687
Consumer protection, scams, 2278q
Development, dual occupancy, O'Malley, 277
Drugs, youth, 226q
Economy, management, 489
Education, schools, Charnwood High School, 1996
Electoral (Amendment) Bill 1995, detail, 1753
Electricity and Water Authority -
Corporatisation, 631q
Pricing tribunal, 2795q
Electricity and Water (Corporatisation) (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1995, prin, 900
Environment and conservation, sheep dip sites, 554q
Euthanasia, legislation, 2271
Families, care, 498
Finance -
Budget, Opposition claims, 1561q
Government expenditure, 2174
Government revenue, 2020q
Floriade, compost bin sales, 1805q
Government, Carnell -
Carnell, Mrs K., birthday, 589
De Domenico, Mr T., sexual harassment allegations, 527
Priorities and autumn legislation program, 290
Government, Follett, economic performance, 489
Government Service -
Industrial dispute, 1086q
Redundancies, 1632q
Senior officers, pay rates, 146q
Graffiti, policy, 1220q
Health -
Canberra Clinical School, 827q
Community health centres, Kippax, 2055
Medical evacuation and rescue helicopter, 46q, 1344q
Mental health, 2649q
Occupational health and safety, 2196q
Services, consultancy, 718q
Hospitals -
Waiting lists, 2727q, 3045q
Woden Valley Hospital, operating theatre nurses, 1868q
Housing Trust, home ownership, 1427q
Industrial relations, long service leave levy, 389q
Land, leases, commercial, 125
Legislative Assembly -
Anniversary, 498
Committees -
Administration and Procedure, 185
Estimates 1995-96 and Budget Review, 2174
Legal Affairs, 1618
Social Policy, 1402
Workers Compensation Provisions, 670, 1687
Members, Hird, Mr H. -
Inaugural speech, 78
Licensed general auctioneer, pers expl, 693
Points of order, 138, 348, 552, 675, 1559, 2426, 2542
Prayer, 1453, 1681, 2161
Speaker, election, 3
Temporary Deputy Speaker, 1145
Master Builders Association, group apprenticeship scheme, 236q
Medical Treatment (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 2271
Memorial park, proposals, 2349q
Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 975; detail, 977
Motor vehicles, sale, 2754
Parkwood Eggs, conditions, 1928q
Police force -
Loggers protest, costs, 1284qn
Policy, 1618
Roads -
Hall, upgrades, 319q
Traffic, control, 975, 977
Sale of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 2754
Sport and recreation -
Development, 2879q
Drowning Prevention Day, 1972
Football teams, 1448
McKellar sporting complex, 1911
Ovals, scarab grub infestation, 456q
Strikes and stoppages, Department of Public Administration, 1086q
Theodore, sheep dip sites, 554q
Totalcare Industries Ltd, oil recycling operations, 2976q
Transport, public, 412
Youth, drugs, 226q

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