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Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, Gugan Gulwan community group, 965qn
Appropriation Bill 1995-96, detail, (Legislative Assembly) 2239, (Business, the Arts, Sport and Tourism) 2431, 2452, (Urban Services) 2457, 2470
Aviation, airports -

Canberra, 1614
Conference, 2984
Building and construction, long service leave levy, 389q
Business -
Competition, 1391, 1919, 1953
Confidence, 1054, 3043q
Leases, commercial and retail, 174
Policy, min st, 71; 342; min st, 572
Promotion, 2283q, 2356q, 2360q
Retail facilities, Manuka, 1006q
Small, 38, 2025q
Business, Employment and Tourism Bureau, establishment, 592qn
Business, Employment and Tourism portfolio, consultants, 1265qn, 3116qn
Compensation, workers compensation, 540, 670, 1689, 1694, 2026q, 2282q, 2328, 2997
Competition Policy Reform Bill 1995, prin, 1391, 1919
Courts and tribunals, Magistrates Court, 1414
Dairying, Milk Authority, bottle-washing equipment, 1716q, 1727q
Daly, Hon. F., AO, death, 1184
Development, Government's outlook, min st, 1440
Education, schools, Padua College, WorkCover investigation, 2800q, 3051q
Electoral, Smyth, Mr B., 103
Electricity and Water Authority -
Corporatisation, 317q, 320q, 454q, 455q, 457q, 459q, 632q, 635q, 687, 688, 846
Pricing tribunal, 2273q, 2795q
Electricity and Water (Corporatisation) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1995, prin, 688; detail, 935, 939, 942, 943, 945, 950, 963
Electricity and Water (Corporatisation) (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1995, prin, 687, 912; detail, 919, 924, 928, 931, 933
Employment and unemployment -
Labour market programs, 1795q, 1879q, 2104q
Predictions, 381q
Training grants, 837q
Environment and conservation -
Air pollution, fuel reduction burns, 363
Energy and water conservation, 1003q
Lake Ginninderra, pollution, 1094q
Noise pollution, 1292qn
Recycling -
Commercial waste, 459q
Glass and plastic, 144q, 154q, 322q
Wind and solar energy, 832q
Environment, Land and Planning portfolio, review, 628q
Euthanasia, legislation, 2253
Exhibition Park, arms exhibitions, 1090q
Finance, budget -
Opposition claims, 1561q
Tourism, 1566q
Fireworks, code of practice, 966qn
Floriade -
Captain Cook memorial jet, closure, 1352q
Compost bin sales, 1805q
Government, Carnell -
Chief Minister, election, 4
De Domenico, Mr T., travel, 768qn
Priorities and autumn legislation program, 295
Promotional material, 2356q, 2360q
Public facilities, closures, 2058
Government Service -
Contracts, 2021q, 2100q, 2204q
Employees, Tuggeranong, 1094q
Enterprise bargaining, 1721q, 2644q, 2723q, 2803q, 2805q, 2878q
Industrial dispute, 1087q
Industrial relations consultant, 2199q, 2202q, 2287q, 2564q
Motor traffic officers, 882
Offices -
Dickson, 1009q
Vacancies, 1288qn
Property, disposal, 2021q, 2114q
Red tape task force, 1282qn
Senior officers, pay rates, 146q
Tenders, 2021q, 2100q
Graffiti -
ANZECC issue, 1803q
Policy, 1221q
Health -
Community health centres, salaried medical practitioners, 1212
Occupational health and safety, 1691, 2196q, 2280q, 2800q, 3051q
Hospitals, Jindalee Nursing Home, 1212
Industrial relations -
Enterprise bargaining, 2137, 2644q, 2723q, 2803q, 2805q, 2878q
Long service leave levy, 389q
Policy, 2911
Workers compensation, 540
Industrial Relations portfolio, consultants, 3116qn
Intergovernmental relations, Transport Ministers meeting, min st, 335
International affairs -
France, nuclear testing, 1549
Nigeria, 2699
Land, leases, commercial, 122
Legislative Assembly -
Business, 677
Committees -
Appointment, resolution, 1070
Competition Policy Reform, 1953
Corporatisation of ACTEW, 846
Economic Development and Tourism, 1614, 2984
Public Accounts, 438
Workers Compensation Provisions, 540, 670, 1689
Expenditure, 2239
Points of order, 462, 1006, 1367, 1373, 2109, 2342, 2427, 2483, 2544, 2841
Prayer, 705
Questions on notice, 2655
Valedictory, 3097
Libraries, services, 2113q, 2354q
Magistrates Court (Civil Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 1414
Medical Treatment (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 2253
Memorial park, proposals, 2349q
Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1995, prin, 882
Motor Traffic (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1995, prin, 3005, 3150
Motor Vehicles (Dimensions and Mass) (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 3005, 3147
Northern Territory Expo, participation, min st, 1357
Occupational Health and Safety (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 1691
Planning, policy, 1461
Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Bill 1995, prin, 1118
Roads -
Barton Highway, 2882q
Belconnen Way, sound barriers, 1292qn
Closures, 2024q
Drakeford Drive, 834q, 2561qn
Gungahlin, 388q, 466q
Hall, upgrades, 319q
John Dedman Parkway proposal, 1540
Monaro Highway, 1293qn, 1677qn
Monash Drive, 2881q
National Road Trauma Advisory Council, 644
Parking inspectors, 2285q
Traffic -
Control, 782qn
Legislation, min st, 1947; 3005, 3147, 3150
Truck parking, residential areas, 2648q, 2724q
Sport and recreation, government support, 1828
Strikes and stoppages, Department of Public Administration, 1087q
Tourism -
Funding, 1566q
Parking inspectors, activities, 2285q
Visitor surveys, 591qn
Trade -
French products, 1543, 1549
Policy, min st, 572
Trade unions, treatment, 45q
Transport -
Community service obligations, 2346q
Corporatisation, 613
Fares, 323q
Route103, 1283qn
Services, 1563q, 1565q
Ministers meeting, min st, 335; 1820
Public, 407
Taxi licences, 438, 1809q, 1869q, 1871q, 1873q, 1875q, 1879q, 1930q, 1931q, 1933q, 1936q, 1940q, 2010q, 2014q, 2070, 2098q, 2102q, 2105q, 2125
Travel between residence and workplace, 1291qn
Tuggeranong, facilities and infrastructure, 1362
Urban Services portfolio -
Consultants, 1262qn
Lunch at The Boathouse restaurant, 3139qn
Waste disposal, Ainslie Transfer Station, 1724q, 2976q
Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1995, prin, 1694
Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1995, prin, 2328, 2997
Works, program, 1008q
Yarralumla Nursery, free plants, issue, 749qn

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